How Margaret of Anjou seized power from York

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  • How Margaret of ANJOU SEIZED POWER
    • She believed that YORK faced a THREAT to her son, Edward's inheritance
    • However, by DECEMBER 1454, HENRY VI came back to HEALTH
    • Margaret RETAINED her POLITICAL POWER & TIGHTENED her grip on the court
      • However, Anjou FAILED to have York BANISHED from the court
    • Henry VI RECOGNISED York's importance by DECLARING him to be his PRINCIPAL ROYAL ADVISOR
      • However, this was SHORT-LIVED as Margaret PERSUADED Henry VI to EXCLUDE YORK from the DECISION-MAKING process on important MATTERS of the STATE
    • As a result, SOMERSET was RELEASED from the Tower & was REAPPOINTED to the King's Council & to the post of CALAIS
    • This meant that HENRY VI became LITTLE MORE than a PUPPET  in the hands of his POLITICALLY ASTUTE WIFE
    • YORK FLED NORTH to RAISE an ARMY, intending to IMPOSE his will on the King & his council


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