To what extent has the 2011 constitutional change affected *linguistic pluralism* and Arabisation in Morocco? (EPQ Report Plan)

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  • To what extent has the 2011 constitutional change  affected linguistic pluralism and Arabisation in Morocco?
    • The Arab Spring
      • Moroccan Spring
      • Protests in Morocco (timeline)
      • Demands of protestors in Morocco
        • February 20 Movement (prominent protest movement)
        • The Amazigh Movement (prominent protest movement)
        • Especially regarding official language change
    • 2011 Moroccan Constitution Change
      • Referendum (briefly)
        • Result (only if useful for evaluation)
      • Reactions
      • Official language change to MSA and Amazigh
        • Check official language(s) before the change
      • Brief summary of the overall changes made
    • Linguistic pluralism in Morocco
      • Darija
      • Berber Languages (especially  Amazigh)
      • French
    • Arabisation in Morocco
      • Education
      • Government/ Politics
      • Moroccanisation
      • Speaking (everyday use of language)
      • Media e.g. TV -if useful for evaluation


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