EPQ plan

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  • EPQ Paragraph Plan
    • Introduction- outline basis aims
      • outline of the context of the Great Gatsby
      • Information about the authors- How did their lives impact the novel?
      • What was the American Dream?
      • Outline argument-  to what extent  Fitzgerald portrays the harsh truth of social America
    • Section 1
      • Presentation of American society in Death of a Salesman
      • Impact of Materialism
      • Impact of Capitalism
      • Marxist persepctive of Capitailsm
      • Comparing Gatsby/ Myrtle's American Dream
    • Section 2
      • Role of women in society
      • The Flapper movement
      • Jordan Baker- Great Gatsby character analysis
    • Section 3
      • Portrayal of crime
      • Bootlegging
      • Crime in Death of a Salesman. how accurate?
    • Section 4
      • The Valley of the Ashes
      • New York City- comparison in both novels
      • Theme of Old money versus new money


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