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I chose to do the extended project for many reasons, the main one being able to gain more UCAS points for university.

This is important to me, as I am sure I would like to go to university. 

I wanted to complete my EPQ in order to develop new skills that I will need for university. 

I also wanted to learn more about specific topics I am interested in, but don't study at sixth form.

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Initial Ideas

When trying to decide on my question, I came up with ideas such as:

  • How have gender roles changed in novels over time?
  • Should the death penalty be brought back?
  • Should religion exist?

I wanted to focus on ideas that were either related to English or R.E., as these are my favourite subjects.

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Deciding my Question

I narrowed my options down to three questions that I found the most interesting.

I also made sure the questions I chose had a lot of reliable resources I could use. 

I then created a positives and negatives table.

This let me weigh up the pros and cons of each question, therefore I could make the best choice.

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My Question

It was difficult to decide which question I wanted to use, however I was certain with my final decision.

I decided to combine both English and R.E. to create my question.

They are the subjects that I enjoy learning about the most, and this way I had the best of both worlds!

Because I would like to study English literature at university, I thought this would be interesting and expand my wider reading.

I already had some basic knowledge about pagan witches before my EPQ.

I took an interest because the religion is so different to Catholicism, which is the main religion we are taught about at shcool.

I love to learn about people’s different beliefs, so I knew this would be a topic I would really enjoy.

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My Research

I created an analysis table of sources I have read and whether I found them useful or not.

This made sure I had a clear guide and that the sources I wanted to use were credible.

I kept reading up on new information even when writing my essay.

This was because I found myself discussing topics I hadn’t thought about previously.

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The Struggles

The time we spent at home because of COVID meant it was much harder to communicate with teachers and understand tasks we had to do.

I often felt a lack of motivation, being stuck at home all the time.

It was also difficult trying to manage time effectively throughout this.

Referencing was hard to do correctly.

In hindsight, I realised the websites I had used to reference were often not suited to my essay.

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The Strengths

It was good that I could research a topic I am enthusiastic about and hopefully this shines through in my essay.

I really enjoyed learning lots of new information and generally writing my EPQ.

Feeling proud that I managed to complete it.

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I have learnt how to:

Create an effective plan, so I do not go off track. 

My plan really helped me when writing my essay, and I now realise how important they are.

I have also learnt how to pick out credible sources to use, using Google Scholar.

Develop my essay writing skills, especially considering it is fairly long.

Reference correctly.

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EPQ Redo

If I could redo my EPQ, I would change a few things, such as :

Manage my time more wisely, instead of writing my essay in bigger chunks at once.

Narrow down my question to something more specific.

Use more sophisticated/academic language.

Include pictures because they are engaging.

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The Outcome

I am very glad I did EPQ. 

I feel it has developed my essay writing abilities, which will be necessary at university.

I have learnt skills, such as how to reference.

But I've also learnt lessons, such as time management.

I enjoyed learning more about the topic I chose.

I am proud that I completed my EPQ, along with balancing my other school work.

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