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This is due to the fact that city boundaries and borders are often not clear and there are various ways to define the borders of a city which means population numbers vary with the different methods of measuring city sizes

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Megacities were briefly touched on in my first year of geography A level, I thought the subject was instantly interesting but wanted to know more and find out more detail about these extraordinary locations around the world. Human geography is my preference because it is always relevant when concerning current affairs and the knowledge acquired when learning about human geography can be applied to real life situations everywhere

I chose this particular title as I wanted my focus to be on people and society. The essay is all about unearthing how life in a busy city effects society and the lives of people within. Initially I wanted to focus on a variety of factors including environmental and political issues however social factors can encompass all of these ideas. By focusing on social factors, my essay was far more focused

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as the video introduced, the first megacity appeared in 1950, but since then numbers have risen staggeringly as population has continued to grow rapidly all over the world. furthemore, since 1950 urban living has become far more common, over half the population now live in urban areas

society varies greatly, for example in Tokyo a city with almost no crime or unemployment, a high rise metropolis of cutting edge architecture and design, there is an overly censored society which polices itself. on the other hand the society in Sao Paulo is the opposite, although crime rates continue to soar, society is arguably happier and more fulfilled

population continues to grow at an unpresendented rate; the world population is predicted to increase to almost 10 billion by 2050. with these huge numbers comes great strain on natural resources and detrimental effects on the environment including global warming, climate change and water shortages 

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for example, looking at London, despite having its own, relatively small scale issues, the city itself has an independent society, with the power of speech and political choice, whereas megacity Jakarta is facing huge pressure from corrupt governments which could result in massive drawbacks to the society and the freedom of its people 

the main factor which continued to appear throughout my research was education. the most successful cities were those with a foundation of a strong educational system, those megacities trying to elevate their statuses were using education as a starting point. for example in delhi, the emancipation of women has lead to huge economic benefits 

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1)I think I did answer the question as I would have hoped, the title itself allowed me to construct a balanced argument which looked at both the negative and positive impacts city life has upon its residents. By focusing on social factors I also found out a wealth of information about the knock on effects that take place as a result of the existence of people, like environmental issues concerning global warming and water shortage to political tensions in certain places and economic booms in others 2)I found out what I wanted, I researched a number of locations which allowed me to compare and contrast which meant I not only learnt a lot about specific locations, but how they compare to others. All cities have their problems and most of them are trying to revise these for a successful future 3)I think I achieved this well by ensuring my research was thorough, my argument balanced and my essay was inclusive of many factors

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1)I think my conclusion could have possibly been stronger, however since there is no definite answer to this question, this was difficult 2)I found out what I wanted but could possibly have gone into detail about more cities in order to show the extent of my research 3)I think I achieved this relatively well but if I were to rewrite my essay I would ensure I had a complete plan before I began writing and when discussing particular cities, would ensure that I wrote about each one in the same level of detail to understand more about the locations I was researching as a whole 4)I did complete most of my plan however again, i could have planned the entire essay before beginning instead of planning as i went along 

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i think my research was thorough and considered a lot of elements, i created a bank of research before i even began writing which helped me a lot throughout

my time management was relatively good, i kept to most deadlines and was able to write a little each week 

my organisation for the project was also relatively successful as i managed to keep on top of multiple things at once, for example filling my log book as the project proceeded

problem solving included using my own geographical knowledge and applying this to the topic

good level of independent work, i wrote and reread my essay to ensure all my work was to a high standard 

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research could have included more books and journals in order to show a variety of sources 

time management, again would be spending more time planning the essay prior to writing to have all my ideas organised which also links to my overall organisation concerning the project

problem solving, for example i struggled to choose a title at the beginning, but discussing with others helped me to come to a conclusion 

working independently could have been improved by spending more time to myself reading around the topic, again using books and journals to find more relevant information 

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