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  • Global Warming
    • Current worldwide issues that interest me
      • Preparation and Planning For EPQ
        • Zoology based research
          • The effect of conservation of animal behaviour
            • Do animals benefit more from conversations than natural habitats?
          • The genetic  diversity between different species
            • How different environmental factors affect genetic mutations?
          • Why is Natural Selection is important in the role of determining development of life?
          • Cross-breeding and inbreeding (Do the benefits outweigh the risks?)
          • The human impacts on declining numbers of animal populations
        • Geographical Investigation
          • Discuss whether the economy of Cambridge is based on education and development.
          • What are the effects of tourism of the UK's seaside countries?
          • What evidence is there to prove that global warming causes rising sea levels?
          • What methods can be put into place to minimise risk during tectonic disasters?
          • To what extent are coastal management strategies effective?
          • How river systems can be developed and "shaped".
      • Climate Change
      • Britain leaving the EU
        • Benefits and Risks
      • Terrorism Attacks on major tourist areas
        • To what extent are people safe from terrorism?
        • What methods can be used to reduce terrorism and prejudice?
      • The NHS crisis
        • Where can the money be produced?
      • Technology advances and developments
        • How dependent are we on technology?


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