How Stalins took over Eastern Europe

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  • How did Stalin takeover Eastern Europe
    • Newspapers
      • Stalin censored all newspapers
      • He replaced the newspapers with communist content
      • Stalin did this to avoid pro-capitalist and anti-communist ideas getting to the people.
      • Was also used to promote Communist views
    • Radio
      • Stalin used this a propaganda
        • Stalin used the radio to his advantage as the majority of people were illiterate
      • The radio was also a quick and easy way to promote Communist ideals
      • Stalin intercepted all radios incase of any anti-communsit views were displayed.
    • Land reform
      • Stalin took land from their owners
        • He then distrabuted it out to farmers
          • This gained support from peasents and farmers
      • Stalin did this as Communism is the workers party
        • Although this damaged his votes from upper class people they were a minority compared to the peasents.
    • Police
      • Stalin used the police to take down opposition
        • Allows his to remove political opposition
          • He wanted to remove the coalition
          • Political opponents cant retalliate because the SU had 11 million troops across Europe
      • It allows Stalin to have power and control
    • Known as salami tactics


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