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Hardman GCE History
AWorId Divided: Arguing Between USSR & USA 1944 90
Josh Hardman
Series Editors: Josh Hardman Josh Hardman
Unit 3 Student Book…read more

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Seeds%of%conflict% 1917044%
Although the course begins in 1944, it is useful to understand
the seeds of the conflict.…read more

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Note: Although the course begins in 1944, understanding the seeds of conflict is useful.
Differences in Ideology Capitalism | Communism
Often overlooked, deeprooted ideological differences began to emerge during WW1,
and undoubtedly went some way to causing the Cold War.
Chaos of WW1 somewhat responsible for Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Bolshevik's
sought to create a socialist state, ending working class exploitation.
Many governments in Europe saw Communism as highly destabilising, and a threat to
social and political order especially as many communists advocated revolution.…read more

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