How did Henry VII consolidate power?

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  • How did Henry VII consolidate power?
    • Henry and Elizabeth's frostbite son, Prince Arthur, was born September 1489.
    • Having detained her the previous year, Henry obtained Papal Dispensation to marry Elizabeth of York in 1485.
    • Parliament grants Henry the revenues of tonnage and poundage for life.
    • Acts of Attainder passed by Parliament against Yorkists who had fought at Bosworth.
    • Henry went on a royal progress in 1486 - a tour of the kingdom when the monarch heard petitions and cases and the king granted pardons and favours.
    • Henry arranged for his coronation to take place on October 30th before his first Parliament met on November 7th.
    • Henry made key appointments e.g. making Sir Reginald Bray Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Sir William Stanley Lord Chamberlain.
    • Henry detained Elizabeth of York (daughter of Edward IV) and the Earl of Warwick (Edward IV's nephew) to secure his marriage.
    • Henry publicly rewarded many of his key supporters, e.g. awarding eleven knighthoods.
    • Henry dated his reign form 21st August 1485 - the day before the Battle of Bosworth (22nd August 1485).


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