How care values are applied at NHS

This shows you how care values are applied at NHS, I don't know if this is useful but please do comment on it below so if it is not useful I can edit it, thanks :)

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  • How are care values applied at NHS
    • Safeguarding- policies must be followed if someone has disclosed that they are being abused or at risk this could be a child or a vulnerable adult.
    • Confidentiality- all personal records must be kept safely and securely and used for the purpose that they are intended for.
      • Personal information must not be available to anyone who does not have a valid professional need to know the details.
    • Respect and dignity- the NHS values every person- whether they are a patient, a family member a carer or a staff. They treat everyone as an individual, respect their aspirations and commitments in life, and understand their priorities, needs and abilities and limits. They take what other have to say seriously, they are honest and open about their point of view and what they can and can't do.
    • Person-centered- approach at NHS is comprised into 4 principles and they are- care is personalized, care is coordinated, care is enabling and person is treated with respect, dignity and compassion.
    • NHS applies duty of care by providing a comprehensive care and integrated health service. Being able to demonstrate that appropriate priorities have been chosen within the available resource.


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