How and why did begging increase?

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  • How and why did begging increase?
    • Different acts were enforced
      • 1495 Vagabonds and Beggars Act
        • 'idle' people are put in stocks and sent back to their birth place
      • 1542 Witchcraft Act
        • accused would be trialled in ordinary courts not church courts
      • 1547 Vagrancy Act
        • V was branded on the head and sold as a slave for 2 years.
      • 1563 Act against Conjurations, Enchantment and Witchcraft
      • 1597 Act for the Relief of the Poor
        • classifies people as deserving help or not
      • 1601 Poor Law
        • organising poor relief
      • 1671 Game Act
        • hunting was illegal
    • Different type of beggars
      • dummerers = those pretending to be deaf and mute
      • drunken tinkers = thieves using trade as a cover story
      • priggers of prancers = horse thieves
      • Rinchin morts = girl beggars
    • Impact of enclosing land
      • poor could not gather wild foods or firewood
      • wealthy could use the land to graze sheep and sell their wool
        • had attractive settings for their home
    • Enclosure
      • led to changes in law - people continued to hunt rabbits, hares and would fish in rivers and streams - 1671 Game Act made this illegal
    • Smuggling
      • smuggle luxuries that were imported from other countries and sell them for a a lower price- gain profit
      • a difficult law to enforce because no one would report it as a crime because many people benefited from it.


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