Why was begging treated harshly as a crime?

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  • How and why did begging increase?
    • Why was begging treated harshly as a crime?
      • Large numbers of beggars travelling on the roads and it seemed off for someone in a community to not know where they were going.
      • The cost of supporting the beggars was resented by communities they ended up in
      • Acts of charity was not enough to help the rising demand of the poor.
      • Poor people were more likely to turn to other crimes e.g. theft
    • Closure of monasteries took away support for the poor.
    • Landowners kept sheep instead of growing crops - fewer workers
    • End of wars in England led to soldiers being out of work.
    • Population increased - put pressure on jobs and food
    • There was no system to help the unemployed and sick.
    • Problems with certain industries left many unemployed


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