How did changes affect crime in between 1500 and 1750?

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  • How did changes in 1500-1750 affect crime?
    • Commerce
      • Money bought new people to england and now ideas. Protests about jobs.
    • Population growth
      • There are more people around to disagree with the monarch
    • Increased wealth and poverty
      • If there were more wealthy people then there would be just as many people to beg and steal
    • Religious ideas
      • Going against the church (depending on the monarch) Spinsters with pets and big noses are witches
    • Invention of printing
      • News  about the monarchy can spread quicker. Spread news of riots
    • Political change
      • People switches loyalties from monarchy to the parliament. Witches could condem the king/queen and hurt them
    • Increased travel
      • Witches are more like likely to be caught by puritens. Smuggle more and quicker
    • Taxation
      • People get angry at the monarch for letting taxes pass. Protests. Things getting more expensive and needing to steal
    • Landowners attitude
      • Protests about land. More people to poach.


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