Horticultural Practice that affects soil fertility

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  • Horticultural practices that affect soil fertility
    • Mechanical Operations (ploughing etc)
      • burying exhausted surface layers and replaces with deeper richer layers
      • burys weeds and crop remnants which can then rot
      • Aeriates soils
      • Overworking soil can damage structure
    • Liming
      • Causes fine clay soils to clump (Aeriates soils)
      • Neutralises acids in water logged soils
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    • Chemical Fertilisers
      • Adds fresh minerals to soils. N more important
        • Added as Chile saltpetre or ammonium sulphate
        • Does not improve soil structure and ultimately damages soil
    • Organic Fertiliser
      • Has all correct nutrients for plant growth
      • Rots to humus, helping soil texture
      • gives body and moisture retention to sandy soils and clumps clay soils
    • Crop Rotation
      • Crops rotated, left fallow or grass / clover sewn to increase N


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