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B io Factsheet
September 1998 Number 32

Viruses made simple
Viruses lack the mitochondria necessary to derive energy and they cannot reproduce on their own. They are dependent on their host
cells and are only classed as living organisms when they infect host cells. After reproducing, viruses inevitably cause their…

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Viruses made simple Bio Factsheet

(b) Lysogenic replication e.g. Lambda () phages Replication of animal viruses
In addition to lysis, some types of viruses can replicate by incorporating Infection of the host with an animal virus leads to a variety of effects,
their DNA into the host DNA. This type…

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Viruses made simple Bio Factsheet

Replication of plant viruses Retroviruses
All plant viruses are RNA viruses. Plant viruses enter their hosts through Retroviruses contain RNA and an enzyme called reverse transcriptase
damaged regions of the plant or by insect bites which transport the viruses which catalyses the production of single…

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Viruses made simple Bio Factsheet

Treatment of viral infections Practice Questions
Treatment of viral infections is difficult because the infections take place
inside cells where it is difficult to reach. It is also difficult to find a drug 1. Fig 1. shows a diagram of a bacteriophage
which specifically targets…


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