Hitler's Idea's and Belief's

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  • Hitlers Ideas and Beliefs
    • Aryan Race
      • Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, Tall, Strong
      • The Master Race; other Races are Inferior
    • Anti-Semitism
      • Jews were Race Polluters according to Hitler
        • Also known as Sub-Humans
      • Jews were 'responsible' for defeat in WW1 in Hitler's eyes.
      • Jews were apparently plotting to destroy Germany
    • Lebensraum; German for Living Room
      • The Master Race needed to conquer the Lebensraum in Russia in order to survive
    • Dictatorship
      • Germany could be saved by an all-powerful leader - The Fuhrer
    • Totalitarianism
      • The Fuhrer must have total control and people mus submit themselves to the state for the greater good
    • Weimar Republic
      • Became Known as the 'November Criminals'
      • Stabbed Germany in the Back by signing The Treaty of Versailles


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