The Nazis and The Church

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  • The Nazis              vs             The  Church
    • The Concordat
      • Signed between the Catholic Church and the Nazis in July 1933
      • the cancordat was an agreement made that stated that the Nazis and the Catholic Church would not interfere with each other
    • Reich Church
      • Hitler brings all the protestant churches togther in one big curch
      • The Churches were changed e.g. the bible was replaced by Mein Kampf (Hitler's Book)
    • Germans Faith movement
      • Nazis created a religious movement (of the pagan belief) and started worshipping the sun, the main aim of this was so that he could control people
    • problems Nazis faced
      • Bishop Galen had a lot of supporters and during 1930s he was criticising the Nazis and how they killed disabled people, however Hitler could not do anything due to Galen having so much supporters.
      • Nieomoller formed protests against the Nazis and their ideas on *** to run the church, however  he was then sent to a concentration camp
      • Bonhoffer also opposed the Nazis as he helped Jews escape however he was arrested and executed by 1945


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