History- The Cold War 1

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  • History- The Cold War 1
    • Yalta and Potsdam
      • Yalta
        • Big 3- Roosevelt- US, Stalin- USSR & Churchill- Britain
        • Ger divided into 4 zones: France- Southwest, Britain- Northwest, USA- South & USSR- East
        • Berlin divided in same way
        • USSR gets their "Sphere of Influence" in E. EU betwen themselves and Ger
        • USSR liberated the countries of E.EU
        • All agreed to join new and improved LofN, the United Nations
      • Potsdam
        • US had just tested the Atomic Bomb, Stalin felt threaterned when Truman told him with glee
        • Big 3- Truman- US, Stalin- USSR & Atlee- Britain
        • There was no war or Hitler anymore
        • Truman= very anti-Communist
        • The USSR's Red Army had liberated the E. EU countries but stayed to spread communnism- Truman and Stalin could not reach an agreement over free elections in Europe
    • Ideological Differences
      • USA= Capitalist, USSR= Communist
      • Believed very differently of how the  world should be run
    • Capitalism
      • Democracy= free elections
      • Property and businesses were owned by private individuals & companies
      • USA believed that Communism was evil and threatened their way of life
    • Communism
      • Dictatorship- no votes, industry run by the gov
      • People were supposed to be equal, enjoying the same levels of wealth and standard of living
      • Believed that the rights of the individual were not as important as the whole of society- restrictions on individual's freedom's


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