C3 History of the Periodic Table

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  • History of the Periodic Table
    • Early 1800s
      • Catgorised Elements into 2
        • 1) Their physical and chemical properties
        • 2) Their Relative Atomic Mass
      • No idea of atomic structure + P + E
        • No such thing as atomic number
      • Could measure relative atomic mass
        • known elements arranged in order of atomic mass
          • A periodic pattern was seen in the properties of elements
            • where the name 'Periodic Table' comes from
    • Newlands' Law of Octaves
      • Newlands in 1864
        • noticed every 8th element had similar properties
          • he listed some of the known elements in rows of 7
      • Criticised
        • groups contained elements with different properties
          • e.g. Carbon + Titanium
        • mixed up metals and non-metals
          • e.g. O + Fe
        • did not leave gaps for undiscovered elements
    • Dmitri Mendeleev
      • Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869
      • Put elements in order of atomic mass
      • Left gaps to keep elements with similar properties in vertical coloumns (groups)
        • When new elements were found they fiitted the pattern


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