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The History of the Periodic
Table…read more

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Newlands law of octaves
· In 1865 J.A.R Newland came up with the
generalisation that if the chemical elements are
arranged according to increasing atomic weight, those
with similar physical and chemical properties occur
after each interval of seven elements.
· This is why it is called the law of octaves.
· Newlands was one of the first to detect a periodic
pattern in the properties of the elements and
anticipated later developments of the Periodic law.…read more

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Elements like titanium and iron caused the system to
break down in the third row.
· He presented his work to the Chemical Society
however they criticised it for three reasons:
1. His groups contained elements that didn't have similar
2. He mixed up metals and non-metals.
3. He didn't leave any spaces for elements that hadn't
been discovered yet.…read more

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Newlands Periodic Table…read more

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Dmitri Mendeleev
· Born in Tobolsk in Siberia.
· Born in 1834.
· Died in 1907.
· Studied science in St. Petersburg.
· Graduated in 1856.
· Best known for his work on the periodic table.…read more

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