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  • Why was Hippocrates so important?
    • The Hippocratic Oath
      • Created by Hippocrates the give people confidence in doctors
      • So doctors understood they have to keep high standards of treatment and behaviour
      • Decisions that benefit the patient, not the doctor
      • They have to swear by all the gods they will keep this oath
    • Hippocratic Book Collection
      • Detailed lists of symptoms and treatments
    • Observing and Recording
      • Hippocrates showed it was very important to observe and record
      • This was so doctors were more likely to choose the right cure and find the cause of the problem.
      • The notes taken could then be used for further patients
    • Natural Treatments
      • He looked for natural treatments because there were natural causes.
      • Treatments such as change of diet, exercise, rest and if this doesn't work, balancing humours
    • Four Humours
      • When the humours are balanced we are well but when unbalanced, we fall sick
      • Blood
      • Phlegm
      • Black Bile
      • Yellow Bile
    • Seasons
      • Sickness is linked to the time of year
      • eg. Cold, moist symptoms are typical of winter; a cold, moist season


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