Ancient Greece

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  • Ancient Greece
    • Healers
      • Medical care in Asclepions where religion was used as well as other more natural methods.
      • Doctors who followed Hippocrates' theories and used natural methods.
      • Women at home (natural).
    • Causes
      • Childbirth complications.
      • Injuries from farming, hunting or fighting.
      • Epidemics could spread in cities.
    • 1000BC-0BC
    • Factors for change
      • Individual genius -
        • Hippocrates came up with the theory of the four humours about how the body worked, and treatments based on this, as well as the practice of clinical observation.
    • Explanations
      • Natural
        • Imbalance of the four humours.
      • Supernatural
        • Gods such as Asclepius.
    • Treatments
      • Supernatural
        • Going to an Asclepion.
      • Natural
        • Bleeding, purging, exercising & natural remedies.


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