Ancient Rome

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  • Ancient Rome
    • 450BC - 753AD
    • Causes
      • Problem of hygiene, which developed in big cities, especially Rome.
      • Injuries in battle.
    • Healers
      • Doctors were a final resort.
      • Prevention rather than cure so public health was important & provided by the Romans.
      • Priests at Asclepions were used if the person was rich & desperate.
      • Family provided medical care first.
      • Army surgeons.
    • Factors for change
      • Hippocrates' influence continued.
        • Galen's use of opposite was an extension of the four humours; not a whole new theory.
    • Explanations
      • Natural
        • Imbalance of the four humours.
        • Bad airs/ smells.
      • Supernatural
        • Gods such as Asclepius.
    • Treatments
      • Natural
        • Opposite theory (continuation of the four humours).
        • Public health schemes.
        • Herbal remedies.
      • Supernatural
        • Praying to Asclepius for a cure.


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