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  • Why was Galen so important?
    • Anatomy and Dissection
      • Hippocrates hadn't done much work on dissection and didn't say it was important
      • Galen believed physicians should find out as much as possible about the structure and workings of the body
        • If possible, dissecting as many bodies as possible (but they were hard to find as it was against the law)
      • He loved to demonstrate his experiments in public eg. showing how cutting different nerves stopped different things i.e. the pig squealing
      • Galen's discoveries were important
        • Th brain, not heart controls speech
        • The arteries and veins carried blood
      • Although he did make mistakes because he had to dissect animal bodies, not humans.
    • Treatments
      • He followed Hippocrates ideas on the four humour and used them as 'a stepping stone' to allow him to develop them and come up with 'opposites'.
        • eg.A cold-too cold, treat with something warm (and natural-herbs/veg.) eg. peppers
      • He most commonly used bleeding to balance humours
    • Diagnosis
      • Used Hippocrates ideas on balancing the 'four humours'
      • He made sure to observe and examine patients carefully, making notes which was especially important when plague struck.
    • Galen's Influence
      • Galen wrote hundreds of books, extremely detailed and organised
        • Included the work of other doctors such as Hippocrates, developing their ideas.
        • His books became a basis for medical training for over one thousand years
      • His ideas fitted with the Christian church-a god created the body and everything fits together.
      • No one dared to question Galen's ideas


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