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  • Hinduism
    • Trimurti
      • The hindu belief that god shows himself in three different ways ( 3 Different Gods)
        • Brahman= Vishnu,Brahma and Shiva
          • Brahma
            • 4 arms for north, south, east and west. Crown=wears to show importance. Holds books of knowledge.
          • Vishnu
            • Mace shows knowledge. Discus shows powerful mind. Conch shows the sound of creation 'Aum'
          • Shiva
            • Covered in ash to show destruction. 3 eyes, 3rd eye= meaning of spiritual wisdom. Tiger skin shows power. 3 snakes around neck to show past,present and future
      • The gods
        • They all have the same mark on their hand
        • They are all colourful
        • All have extra body parts
        • Personalities are shown by what they wear
        • Look similar
    • Karma and Dharma
      • Karma= The consequence of your actions
      • Dharma= Your duty , if you do it you will have good karma
    • Reincarnation
      • Alman= Hindu term for soul. Samsara= Cycle of reincarnation. Moksha=End of the cycle.
      • Your karma and dharma effect your afterlife. Main goal is for hindus to be reunited with Brahman. Animals can't do good deeds.
    • Caste system
      • 1st man= Purusha. He sacrificed to create Vedas. Different body parts show different people/groups
        • Mouth=Preists.Arms=Warrior class. Legs=Shop keepers and skilled workers. Feet=Servants, untouchables


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