Hindu Belief in Life After Death

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  • Hindu Belief in Life After Death
    • Start date of Hinduism is unknown
    • VEDAS - scripture revealed by God in 1200 BCE
      • Did not contain clear notion of an afterlife
    • UPANISHADS - scripture compiled in 600 BCE
      • Human soul exists forever.
        • Soul undergoes reincarnation after death
          • This cycle is called Samsara
            • Cycle continues until one reaches liberation - "Moksha". One attains eternal bliss with Brahman. Profound insight into immortality - "amrta"
              • Various Hindu traditions differ
                • Identification with Brahman, supreme being
                • Soul experiences joyous, devotional relation with Brahman
      • "Karma" - reward or punishment. One's form of existence is determined by good or bad actions in previous life
    • PURANAS - compiled in 500 CE
      • Possibly a Christian influence
      • Heaven & Hell, but temporary existence there
        • Once Karma is exhausted, soul moves to another existence
    • According to some texts, the soul that is free from samsara will cross a river, Viraj, and enters paradise.
      • A place filled with light.
    • Holy books offer no theories about how long it takes before a soul is incarnated


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