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  • Herodotus
    • Born in a town called Halicarnassus
      • He seemed to be a globetrotter
        • Babylon
        • Crimea
        • South along the Nile
        • Sicily
    • Year of his death is unknown
      • But assumed it was between 429-413
        • Making it reasonable to infer that he was born around 500-470
    • Possibly from a rich family / member of old aristocracy
      • He could write
    • He possibly fought as a hoplite as all his descriptions of the battles are from a soldiers  P.O.V
    • Father of History
      • Called this by Cicero
    • The Histories:
      • Wrote by Herodotus
      • Split into 9 'books'
      • Sometimes qouted Homer
      • He echos Homer in the way he treats the Persians and the Greeks- with impartiality and genuine sympathy for both parties
      • He invented a new literary genre: histroy. By intergrating the results of empiricist ethnohraphic and topographic research into epic, and writing in prose.
    • Father of Lies
      • Thucydides rejected Herodotus' religious explanation of what was happening
      • Thucydides first to criticize
      • Most regarded him as an excellent teller of tales
    • He does not relie on divine sources for his narrative but concluded that this is his work and no one elses.


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