Women's life in Greece and Rome

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Who was Neaera?
she was one of seven girls bought by Nicarete who was a freedwomen
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what was Nicarete good at?
she was a clever judge of beauty and understood the art of rearing and training them skilfully
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Why did Nicarete claim the girls to be her daughters?
so that she could exact the largest fee from those who wished to have dealings with them
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what did Nicarete do once she had reaped the profit from the young girls?
she sold them of one by one
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Who was Lysias?
a professor of rhetoric and also the lover of Metaneira (one of the girls)
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What did Lysias wish to do?
initiate Mataneira
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Where did Lysias keep Metaneira?
he lodged them with philostratus
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Who was Metaneira accompanied by?
Nicarete and Neaera
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Where was Neaera taken to?
the great panathenaic festival accompanied by Nicarete
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Where did Neaera later go?
to corinth as a prostitute
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who were among Neaera's lovers?
Xenoclides the poet and Hiparchus the actor
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After those lovers who did Neaera acquire?
Timonoridas of Corinth and Eucrates of Leucas
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what did these two men do?
they bought Neaera of of Nicarete for 30 minas as their slave
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When the two men were about to be married what did they say?
they did not want Neaera to be in Corinth or kept in a brothel
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What did Neaera need to do?
she was given 1000 drachmas and was told to pay them 20 minas for her freedom
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What did Neaera do?
she sent messages to previous lovers which included Phrynion and they gathered the some of money to buy her freedom
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Where did Phrynion and Neaera do?
they went to Athens and lived together
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what did the two lovers do?
they went out to dinner, drank with her and made love to her openly
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Who was Chabrias?
someone Phrynion new and when Neaera was drunk and Phrynion was asleep, many people made love to her
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As Phyrnion was not a good lover, what did Neaera do?
she packed up the goods in the house which included the clothes ad jewellery and two servants, Thratta and Coccalina and she ran away to Megara
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How many years did Neaera spend in Megara?
two years but Neaera's proffesion could not run her household as she was extravagant
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Who visited Megara?
the opponant Stephanus who became Neaera's lover
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What did Stephanus become?
her protector
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What did Stephanus say he would do?
make Neaera his wif ad laim that the sons she had were his ligitmate children
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what were the names of Neaera's three children?
Proxeus, Ariston and Phano who was called Strybele
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Why did Stephanus take Neaera to Athens?
so he could have a handsome mistress without expense and a way in which to provide the necessities of life as he only did through black mail
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Who summoned Neaera to the polemarch?
Phrynion when he heard of her return
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What did Neaera do once Stephanus bailed her out?
continued the same profession but extrated a larger fee
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what would Stephanus do if a rich unknown stranger made love to Neaera?
lock him up claiming he was an adulterer and extract a large fee
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what was Phrynion's law suit agains Stephanus?
that he had robbed him of Neaera and that Stephanus had recieved the gifts he gave to her
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what did they eventually come to an agreement of?
that Neaera would spend the same number of days with each of them each month
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who did Stephanus give Phano in marriage to?
Phrastor and claimed that she was his daughter and an Athenian citizen
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What did Phrastor discover?
that Phano was not the legitimate daughter of Stephanus as she wouldn't follow his rules or behave appropriately
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What did Phrastor do?
he turned Phano out after living with her for a year, she was pregnant and he would not return the dowry
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What did Phrastor and Stephanus do?
they went into a law suit but both withdrew as they were both in the wrong
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What happened when Phrastor later fell ill?
he did not have an heir and so accepted Phano's child as his own legitimate son
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what happend to the child?
Phrastor became better and did not take the required oath saying he was his son and the phratry were against his acceptance
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what happened with Theogenes of Cothocidae?
Stephanus supported him and gave Phano in marriage as his legitimate daughter and she performed the secret sacrifise for the safety of the state
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What does Appolodorus (the writer) say is matrimony?
when a man begts children and presents his sons to his phratry and daughters in marriage
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what was Nicarete good at?


she was a clever judge of beauty and understood the art of rearing and training them skilfully

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what did Nicarete do once she had reaped the profit from the young girls?


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