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Book summaries of the Histories

Book one:

` Here displays his inquiry, so that human achievements may not become forgotten in time,
and great and marvellous deeds- some displayed by the Greeks, some by the barbarians-
may not be without glory; and especially to show why the two peoples waged…

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Since of then, they have always considered the Greeks their enemy. The Phoenicians
however don't agree with the Persians about Io. She slept with the captain, fell pregnant
and ran away to avoid being stigmatised. That is their account I am not going to say
whether what they said is…

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the situation and went out hunting. One of them men accidently struck Atys with a spear.
He later then killed himself due to the guilt he possessed.

When he heard about the Persian expansion, he tested the knowledge of the oracles,
whether he should campaign against Persia. `Would destroy a…

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on the burning pyre and Croesus interpreted the oracle wrong. He should have asked the
oracle again before attempting to invade Persia. He then admitted that he was innocent.

Herodotus then talks about all the offerings Croesus gave to the gods that still survive in his

1.131-1.141 Persian customs:…

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BOOK SIX ­ the battle of Marathon.

Not as significant to the Persians as it was to the Greeks,
For the Greeks, it created a new epoch, changed the direction of Geek history
The Persian wars reveal the Geek articulation of a new sense of freedom and Greek

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They took stand in Thermopylae. Even here, the Greeks were indecisive. It was left to
the Spartan king, Leonidas, and pretty much his personal contingents, his royal
bodyguard of 300 Spartans tried to hold the pass at Thermopylae. With the help of a
1000 Thebans. A moral victory for the…

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