Henry VIII 1540-1547

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  • Henry VIII Foreign Policy 1540-1547
    • Foreign Policy in Scotland
      • 'Rough Wooing' of the Scot lowlands may have been to further the English cause in Scot
        • Only managed to create a long lasting legacy of hatred towards Eng
        • Also, it encouraged an alliance between Scot and France, through the marriage of Mary and the Dauphin of France
          • Weakened English international position and increased fears of invasion
      • The Battle of Solway Moss (Nov 1542) was a decisive victory for Eng. James V was killed in battle
        • However, the subsequent peace treaty (Treaty Of Greenwich 1543) was a huge failure as it was rejected by Mary of Guise and the Catholic Party in Scotland
        • Henry wasn't able to capitalise on the victory
      • Overall failure, as it only achieved a long lasting legacy of hate of Eng, as well as an alliance between Scot and France
    • Foreign Policy in France
      • Peace at Campe (June 1546) allowed Eng to keep Boulogne and gain annual pension, yet there was no real gains or achievements for Eng
        • To fund the war, Henry started a policy of debasement, which significantly adds to domestic problems
          • The debasement transformed a sound currency into one widely regarded with suspicion
      • The Capture of Boulogne (Sept 1544) was led by Henry, and allowed Eng to gain an annual pension
        • However, the overall cost of the war, over £2m, significantly outweighed the capture of Boulogne
          • Also, Boulogne was expensive to maintain
        • Henry was the only ruler to achieve a major victory during this period, showing Eng to be a military force
      • Overall failure, as due to the expense, Boulogne was a small gain. Also, it was returned to France 8yrs later for a bargain price considering fortifications added by Eng
    • Very reactionary on the relationship between France and Spain
    • More than £2m was spent, on an exercise that had achieved very little, wasting Cromwell's legacy


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