Henry VIII foreign policy 1540-1547

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  • Henry VIII foreign policy 1540-1547
    • Henry returned to an aggressive foreign policy in 1530 to minimise the response of Catholic powers to the break with Rome
    • Scotland
      • Henry wanted to Mary Edward VI with Mary QofS but Scotland refused.
        • England invaded Scotland 1547 (battle of Solway moss) James V dies and week old Mary is pronounced queen
        • The rough wooping had no diplomatic strategy, Henry underestimated Scottish hostility.
        • the children were betrothed in the treaty of Greenwich but the scots abandoned this
    • France
      • 1543 alliance between Charles and Henry
      • 1544 invasion of France but Charles didn't want to fight so made peace with Francis I and left England Isolated
        • Capture of Boulogne, France failed to recapture it. 1546 peace with France


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