Henry VII consolidation of power

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  • Establishing the Tudor Dynasty
    • Legitimizing his reign
      • Henry VII dated his reign to 21st August 1485, the day before the Battle of Bosworth
      • This meant he could declare all Yorkist traitors and try them for treason
      • The Crown could therefore take Yorkist property
    • Coronation
      • Henry VII's coronation was on the 30th October 1485
      • The coronation was highly symbolic event that was anointed by God's grace
      • The coronation involved England's nobles all taking an oath of loyalty to him
    • Parliament
      • Henry VII first convened parliament on 7th November 1485
      • This date is important because Henry made sure he had already been crowned, meant his authority was not dependent on parliament
    • Marriage
      • On 18 January 1485, Henry married the Elizabeth of York.
      • This was significant as it united the two warring families. Any descendant would be from both houses
      • A child would be an heir and since Henry was already king his reign would not dependent on York home


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