Henry VII: Finance

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  • Henry 7: Finance
    • Extraordinary revenue
      • Loans & Benevolences
        • King's right to ask for help in emergencies
      • Clerical taxes
        • Special taxes the king could put on the church
      • French Pension
        • Payed to Henry by French King due to Treaty of Etaples
      • Parlimentary taxes
        • Taxes granted by parliament for royal policies, e.g. war
      • Feudal dues
        • Same as in ordinary revenue but for single, extraordinary occasions
      • Bonds& recognisance
        • Payments made by Nobles as a guarantee of good behaviour
    • Ordinary Revenue
      • legal dues
        • Money from fines by people appearing before King's court
      • Crown lands
        • Henry inherited all Yorkist/ Lancastrian properties given away in Warof Roses
      • Customs duties
        • Tax paid on goods entering or leaving the county
      • Feudal dues
        • The King's right to demand money
          • Marriage: King's right to arrange marriages of nobles daughters
          • Wardship: King controlled estates of underage heirs
          • Relief,:paid by an heir when inheriting
          • Livery: Payment made by a ward claiming their lands


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