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Conscience revision notes
The answers to the activity booklet are found in these notes

What is it?

For some people, the conscience takes the form of guilty feelings and contemplating or
performing wrong actions
For others it is something different, as this quote from Christopher Reeve explains; `I think

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The conscience cannot be questioned, it is the voice of God within

John Henry Newman

Agreed with Aquinas that conscience is the ability to appreciate and apply moral
Conscience is independent of any system of authority
Used the words `the impulse of nature' to describe how human beings, as…

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When he says it is always right to follow your conscience, he is saying it is always right to
apply your moral principles to each situation as best you can
Due to faulty reasoning or weakness of will, some people perform bad actions thinking
they are good
Faulty reasoning is…

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2. The ego ­ part of the human psyche that is conscious and seen by people. It is
the self or the `I'. It is the part of the psyche that evaluates and plans, restricting
the desires of the id and being advised by the superego
3. The superego ­…

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Six stages;
o Doings what you are told to do by authority figures
o Wanting to gain approval
o Keepings the law
o Caring for others
o Respect for universal principles
o Respect for individual conscience
Kohlberg thought that most adults never got beyond keeping the law

Eric Fromm


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o It is much better to see the conscience in terms of an attitude or an awareness
people have that there is a moral path to be followed
o MacNamara argues that the fact that people see that goodness and truth are
important is another way of describing conscience

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If we are certain that what our conscience tells us to do in any given situation is in fact God's
command, then that means we should not make mistakes as we are listening to the actual
commands of God yet it is evident that people do make errors of moral…

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Corporate or collective consciences as ethical decision makers also have their drawbacks;
it is possible for a society to make collective moral decisions and end up performing
immoral acts that are obviously wrong
Perhaps the most sensible approach is to use Aquinas' idea of reason informing our
conscience, and qualifying…


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