healthy and active lifestyle

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  • Healthy active lifestyle
    • Good exercise habits
      • Do not drive every where! walk instead.
      • Maybe get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest.
      • Use a bicycle to get to places.
      • Use stairs instead of lifts.
      • If you work in a mainly sitting down job try to incorporate some exercise.
    • Benefits to be gained
      • Improved body shape.
      • Getting rid off stress and anger.
      • Helps you sleep better.
      • reduces chance of illnesses
      • Improving posture
      • Helps strength, stamina and flexibility.
    • Guidelines and effects
      • If you are active you need to maintain it, if not then improve your condition.
      • This is long-term there are no immediate changes.
      • however there are short term effects like increased heart and breathing rate , increased temperature, reddening of skin and tiredness.


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