healthy active lifestyle

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  • healthy active lifestyle
    • social
      • you could join a local club to meet hnew friends that the same interests as you do.
      • you could go on  bike rides with other dads to get to know them
      • you could go down to the pub to talk with the lads about things you know.
    • physical
      • it will more likely stop you from getting injury and sickness
      • instead of driving to work or school walk or ride a bike instead
      • you must do regular fitness that could be high intensity or low intensity
      • when you walk the children to school the go for a little jog after
    • mental
      • if you feel good about your self then you will have a better self esteem that will make you do things better
      • if you look better then you are more likely to go out and meet new friends, therefore living a better social life.
      • if you set your self a goal for each month that is realistic then you will push you self as you will think I am nearly there


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