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  • Health Promotion
    • Aims
      • To raise awareness on health issues
      • To improve fitness levels generally
      • To prevent ill heath
    • Bio-medical
      • Focuses on the prevention of disease or illness
      • Immunisation, Vaccinations
      • Childhood immunisation programme – to prevent childhood infections
      • Mammography – type of X-ray to detect breast abnormalities
      • Cervical smear tests – microscopy to detect cell abnormalities
    • Societal
      • Focuses on whole of society
      • ban on smoking in enclosed public places •
      • Wearing car seat belts
      • Aimed at society and affects all individuals
    • Educational
      • explains problem and changes behaviour
      • People may not listen/find it boring
      • Gives people choices to make informed decisions
      • Aims to supply information to raise awareness


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