Health problems of drugs and alcohol

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  • Health problems of drugs and alcohol
    • Tobacco
      • Increases the risk of over 50 medical conditions including digestive problems and dementia
      • Conditions that can be caused by smoking: cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, chronic bronchitis and emphysema
      • Men: can affect fertility
      • Women: smoking during pregnancy can result in lower birth weight, weakness and abnormal development
      • Smoking during pregnancy increases chances of complications during pregnancy and labour- premature birth and stillborn
    • Alcohol
      • Liver and body can cope with a small amount of alcohol but drinking too much can result in:
        • Serious liver problems
        • Some stomach disorders
        • Mental health problems
        • Sexual difficulties
        • Heart disease
        • Cancers
        • Obesity
        • Addiction
        • Increased risk of addiction
    • Illegal drugs
      • Physical health problems e.g. using a dirty needle
      • Many deaths of drug users are caused by bacterial or viral infections, liver, heart problems or self harm
      • Psychiatric illnesses


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