Haydn clock symphony [key notes]

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  • Haydn clock  symphony
    • 2/4 time signature - emphasis on the 2nd beat - adds to the ticking effect
    • played stacatto, pizzicato and piano
    • Dotted and double dotted rhythms
    • TERNERY FORM - structure
    • Section A : main 2 melodies introed and repeated, bars 1-35, mainly G major, ends on imperfect cadence
    • Section B:  G minor + Bb major, bars 36-64, tutti, forte + sfozando, descending scale, passing progressions
    • Section A2: Mainly G major, bars 66-152, main themes are re-orchestrated in upper strings and woodwinds
    • 1st main melodies: use acciacitura
    • Tamanis are tuned to tonic and dominate notes
    • Homophonic texture
    • Balanced phrases
    • use of natural brass
    • strings play the melody
    • Small orchestra
    • Predictable cadences
    • Bassoon is used
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