Music theory


Aos1- music theory

major scale pattern-TTSTTTS

modes- eight consecutive notes using only white notes

  • Ionian C-C
  •  Dorian D-D
  • Phrygian E-E
  • Lydian F-F
  • Mixolydian G-G
  • Aeolian A-A
  • Locrian B-B

Degrees of a scale:

1-Tonic  2-Supertonic  3-Mediant  4-Subdominant  5-Dominant  6-Submediant 7-Leading note 

Primary chords:

  • form basis of harmonies 
  • chords I,IV,V in every key 
  • Used in blues and reggae 

The eras of music 


  • 1600-1750
  • Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Corelli, Lully, Purcell


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