Harmonium Analysis

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  • Harmonium
    • Up and down family relationship
    • Has an erratic structure
    • Theme of death
      • "Next box I'll shoulder...his own dead weight"
        • Joking, father acknowledging his own mortality
        • Shows their seperation
    • The harmonium is given human qualities.
      • Represents the father
      • "Yellowed the fingernails" Smokers fingers
        • Represents the father
    • "For a song" Pun, means cheap
    • Imagery
      • "Sunlight, through stained glass" Positive effect on windows, negative effect on harmonium
      • "Holes were worn" Dull image to match harmoniums appearance
      • "Gathering dust" Tells us what is going on
      • "Hummed harmonics" despite it being worn out, it still has value
    • Casual Language, trying to make scene more relatable
    • Theme of memories
      • "For a hundred years that organ had stood"
      • "Where father and son"


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