Poetry- Harmonium

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  • Harmonium
    • Structure
      • Free verse, this suggests the natural relationship that him and his father have.
        • Could suggest their openness and ability to confide in one another.
    • Sibilance
      • second stanza, suggests the soft echoey sound of the harmonium, which links him and his dads story to the music.
    • Theme of aging
      • "holes were wor in both treadles"
        • Suggests the oldness of it, struggles to function properly, much like his father.
      • Yellowed fingernails of its keys
        • Reinforces the age of the harmonium which resembles the growing age of his father.
    • internal rhyme "weight" "freight"
      • This shows the bluntness of the father, and could suggest the fact that his father is preparing him for the worst.
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