Harmonium Language Analysis - AQA Relationships Cluster

Notes based on Mr Bruff and BBC Bitesize.

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Language ­
Point Evidence Analysis
- Colloquial Language - `bundled off to the - Sense of honesty & deceptive
skip' simplicity.
- `still struck a chord' - Makes make of harmonium clear,
- `Farrand Chapelette' wants reader to believe this actually
- Puns (associated with - `still struck a chord' - Expression used to show thoughts
music) triggered from past (harmonium
triggers thoughts).
- OR, used to show how no matter
how old the harmonium is, it is still
able to make a sound ­ the voices of
the dead live on.
- To throw away harmonium would be
like throwing away memories of the
- Consonance - `gathering dust//in the - "Hush" emphasises the `fusty' mood
shadowy porch of of the church.
Marsden Church' - Marsden ­ where Armitage grew
- Religious Language - `Sunlight, through - Beatification: Roman Catholic
stained glass...could process in which the deceased are
beatify saints and raise recognised as blessed and prepared
the dead' for Sainthood.
- `aged the harmoniums - `Sunlight' brings saints on `stained
soft wood case' glass' to life, but damages the
- Personification - `yellowed the - Key is broken, cannot make a noise.
fingernails of its keys' - Tongue: first part of body to rot.
- `its notes had lost its - Yellow: colour of decay.
tongue' - Carried out of church like an
- `laid on its back' important member of the
- Alliteration & - `hummed harmonics - Emphasises organ is still able to
onomatopoeia still struck a chord' make melodious noise, even when
- Onomatopoeia creates harmonious
sound/rhythm (emphasised by
alliteration), linking to subject of the
- Repetition - `pedalled and - Ongoing and continuous,
pedalled' emphasises the hard work associated
with the harmonium.

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Emphasises passing of time.
- Metaphor & Simile - `and gilded finches ­ - Finches: notorious for singing. Gives
like high notes' a joyful image of the past.
- `like high notes': highlights of youth
­ the age of innocence.
- Assonance - `we carry it flat, laid on - Creates a harmonious rhythm,
its back' linking to the subject.…read more


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