H & Sc - Care Values

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  • Care Values
    • Promoting Equality and Diversity
      • Understanding and not showing prejudice, stereotyping and labelling
      • Understanding and valuing the benefits of diversity
      • Understanding the bases of discrimination such as gender, race, age, sexuality, disability or social class
      • Individuals who require the care should challenge discrimination, such as rasist or sexist remarks made by a staff member or another individual
      • In a care home, a trip out should be somewhere that has wheelchair access and can accommodate for deaf or blind individuals
      • Care practitioners should always use non-discriminatory language and to not be patronising to the individuals that they are caring for.
    • Promoting Individual Rights and Beliefs
    • Maintaining Confidentiality
      • Confidentiality covers area's such as, oral conversation, written correspondence and computer infomation
      • Information should only ever be shared on a 'need to know' basis with practitioners involved with the individuals care.
      • Staff shouldn't gossip about patients at a hospital along the corridors.
      • Confidentiality means not passing on any information about clients


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