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  • Participant as an individual
    • Age & Sport
      • Strength
        • This decreases as you age but as young person you are still gaining strengthas you are developing into an adult.
        • Strength can be enhanced by doing weight training and this format of training isnt recomennded for some age groups.
      • Skill levels
        • this can improve depending on age and experience.
        • this can determine the level of sport you play at due to others being at a higher level
      • Oxygen capacity
        • This is how efficient the heart is and a long distance runner has the biggest oxygen capacity as he has to go for a very long period of time.
      • Injury recovery time
        • As you get older it takes you longer to recover from more serious injuries.
        • When you get older your body goes through more wear and tear.
      • Flexibility
        • This is how much movement is at a joint and it reduces with age as you muscles tighten.
    • Physique
      • Ectomorph
      • Endomorph
        • Narrow shoulders and hips
        • Thin legs and arms
        • Low muscle bulk
        • Low % of body fat
      • Mesomorph


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