Great Choral Classics

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  • Great Choral Classics
    • Large Scale works for choir and orchestra
    • Made up of a number of varied movements some of which are for soloists others for the whole choir
    • The choir is made up of sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses
    • The Choir may be unaccompanied - A Capella or accompanied by a orchestra or organ
    • Male
      • Treble: High
      • Counter Tenor: Male Alto
      • Tenor: High
      • Baritone: Medium
      • Bass: Low
    • Female
      • Soprano: High
      • Mezzo Soprano: Medium
      • Alto: Low
    • Structure and form
      • Most common structure is Oratorio. This is large scale work for vocal soloists, mixed choir and Orchestra It will contain a variety of movements including...
        • Aria: Movement for the soloists accompanied by the orchestra
        • Recitative: A short section for the soloist and a few instruments
        • Chorus: a movement for the choir and orchestra
    • Oratorios are often set to religious text and often performed in Churches, Cathedrals and Concert Halls
    • Famous Performers
      • "Messiah" by Handel
      • "The Creation" By Haydn


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