Globalisation in India (Nanda)

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  • Globalisation in India (Nanda)
    • Globalisation has brought rapid economic growth in India
      • Rising prosperity to a new MC
    • Nanda
      • 85% of the Indian population is Hindu
        • Legitimising the growth of ultra-nationalism
    • Hinduism and Consumerism
      • Scientifically educated MC has been caused by globalisation
        • Exactly the type of people to adopt a secular worldview
          • Yet Indians are becoming more religious
            • Educated Indians more so than non-educated
              • Nanda says this is because of their newfound wealth
                • Tension between their belief and new prosperity
                  • Resolved by modern holy men saying that it is motivation from the divine
                    • Legitimising their position
    • Hinduism and Ultra-Nationalism
      • Global Attitudes Survey found 93% of Indians agreed that their culture was superior to others
        • Nanda argues this is because of a sense of national pride
          • Creates hardworking, industrious people - which helps to explain the growth in India's economy
      • Hinduism has also penetrated public life and the supposedly secular state
        • Astrology is being taught in public universities and used to predict natural disasters
        • Indian MOD are even sponsoring research inoto the development of 'Magical Weapons' that are mentioned in Hindu texts
        • The Health Ministry is also researching the use of cow's urine for the treatment of AIDS and TB
    • Hinduism and India's economic growth are complimentary to one another


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