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  • Globalisation
    • The World is more interconnecting
    • Religious Pluralism
      • Exposed to other belief systems
        • Question value and faith
    • Easier to travel to fight for religious reasons
      • Syria
    • Media
      • Exposed to different belief systems online
        • Pluralisation of social life worlds
        • Electronic Church
      • Believing without belonging
      • Mcdonalisation of World Culture
    • Shared economies
    • Transnational Companies
      • High unemployment, cheap labour
        • Social Issues
        • Religion provides explaniation
      • Shared economies
    • India
      • Nanda
        • Claims Indians are becoming more Religious
          • 30% more Religious
        • Becoming fashionable to be Religious
        • Optimistic of Globalisation opportunites
        • Result of ambivalence to new found wealth
    • Pentecostalism
      • Christianity has globalised
      • Lehnmann
        • Ability to plug into and incorporate belieds
        • Two Phases
          • Accompanied colonisation and suppressed local religions
          • Gained popular following from below
      • Creates new local religious form
      • Appeal particularly to the por


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