Globalisation and Religion

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  • Globalisation and Religion
    • Huntington - 'Clash of civilisations'
      • Globalisation is leading to a 'clash of civilisations' - The West and Islam
      • Differences in religious beliefs have become a large source of conflict between nations
      • Creating a 'us and them' situation between countries
      • The West is under attack from Islam urging the West to reassert its identity as liberal and democratic
    • Bruce - 'Cultural Defence"
      • One function of religion in a globalised world is cultural defence
      • Religion serves to unite a community against an eternal threat
      • Religion symbolises the groups collective identity
    • Nanda - 'God and Gloablisation'
      • Hinduism in India has been essential in creating ultra-nationalism and prosperity of Indian middle  class
      • Hinduism legitimates middle class success and ultra-natonalism
      • Middle class are becoming more religious - the result of middle class ambivalence about their new found wealth
        • Legitmating their position and consumerism
      • India's economic development is down to 'Hindu values'
    • Redding - 'Spirit of Capitalism'
      • 'Spirit of Capitalism' among Chinese Entrepreneurs has leas to industrialisation in the East Asian Tiger Countries
      • Their beliefs encourage hard work, self discipline and commitment to education
    • Berger - Pentecostalism
      • Pentecostalism is the 'functional equilvant' to Protestant Ethic
      • Neccessary to economic development as it demands self denying way off like and personal discipline


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