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  • Globalisation
    • world has become a smaller interconnected place and religion has spread around the world
    • cultural defence
      • bruce
      • iran-legal overthrow of democratic gov to install pro western
      • Uk pentacostalism one of the fastest growing religions in the Uk
    • clash of civiliastions
      • Samuel huntington
      • 9 civilisations once separated are now clashing
      • us and them mentality, inc competition, inc contact equal inc conflict
      • religious identity very important as national identity is less clear, however these are deeply rooted
      • the west and islam clash the most on democratic values
        • noris and Inglehart. the issue is actually gender and sexualty
    • economic growth in LEDC's such as india
      • used to reject wwealth and materialism. caste system, prevents economic gorwth
      • adapted to justify economic growth, put it down to hindu values, culture as superior- ultra nationalism
      • meera nanda
      • Untitled
    • religious fundamentalism


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